6months/setengah tahun/half a year

YOOOOWWW, Im back with some bubbly mood! Ok if Im faking this mood, it means that I love you too much and I dont like seeing you to be worried because of me. Sweet tak? Heee. So things happened. TOOOO many things. It drove me crazy, energy drained, emotional drag, hyper active and etc. Since I am no longer in facebook, twitter acts as my interaction medium. Yahhh, I know, Im getting bored of it too, because I cant upload my whole bunch of album in it but due to some provocation I had to do so. 


So tonight entry gonna be fulled with lots of pictures, taken randomly and all over the places. Via instagram of someone. HAHAHA. So here we go? 

These are my babes, my lovely gang. My crime mates... After a long 12 yrs, coming back to KL is full with pleasant because I have the chance to get in touch with them. Fyra not in the picture :'( Alahai. She wasn't around at that moment.

From the pic above, she is one the right side ye kwn2, a besties of mine get engaged. Aku dgn dia dulu selalu kena kejar anjing :') we collect cute figure and addicted to game. & now she is someone's fiancee. Anak mama dah besar! All Im wishing you  is to be happy and bless forever and ever. Love you Nini ♥

This is my handsome Qitto. Thanks for being there for me. My down, my up :') Dia yang ajar aku minum Starbucks tegar. Yes thisssss! 

Lastly this is MEEEE! So... yeah what happened? Been ill, pressured, break down.... But Im thanking everyone for making my 6 months to be superb awesome & also for everyone to be there for me. The past 6 months I learned how to handle problems. Ok staying all alone in a triple storey house was not that awesome BUT atleast I learn how to manage things all by myself. I am also thanking, to the one who made up all the provocations and you know what dearly stranger. You helped me ALOTTTTT. Thank you again. All I feel right now is,

Feeling bless for what is happening and I am lucky to have such wonderful siblings. I dont know what is happening right now but I am praising god in whatever he does for me  not. Oh I love you  too Najwa Saifuddin ! <--- Advisor all away from Bristol ok ! 

Oh tooooo you, you are trying so hard to pull me down, but I promise you in the end if this game you are going down and YOU gonna pay! :* lulz