New world, breaking dawn

Tajuk nk acah acah power je kan? OH MAI GODDDD, after the 6 months incident I got myself away from any writing medium so that I wont be complaining this and that. But, now.. here I am giving shits so that you can indulge the smell and of course virtually XP. Ok I am starting to write craps but here we go with some pictures before I start telling all of you what happened for the past few months....


TARAAAAAAAAA! As you can see up above, yeah the one with colourful topping and decorations. Yes I am totally back into baking thingy. I bake I bake I bake I bake! and I cook too *eh tetiba* So anyone who is interested in making any order for reception/birthday/or saja saja makan. You can buzz me ok. OK! so whats up? Whats me lah kan. So..... nothing much lah kot. Eh ok wrong starting, for the past few months I have been a busy girl. I MEAN REALLY busy.  I dont have the time to please myself, I spend 24/7 isolating myself just to study. HAHHH semua ini menipu. Well actually, I had fun... too much fun till I barely have the time to update this crap. So so so so.....

For the past few months, as usual. HOSPITAL is the place I go like.. forever. Went to Thailand gazillions time just to accompany my friends. Especially si burger anak Pak Ramli, Fatin. Cukup tahun aku rasa aku ckp Thailand, then.. we had surprise birthday party for Dz, my dearest friend & I baked a cake for her (sebenarnya mak). Went to CIMA conference... bla bla bla. Too much  nk beritahu ok. TOOO  MUCH. Now nk letak gambar.......................... nfveivwovnwpevn. May you enjoy it.. in a clueless way 

Hah happening kan gambar gambar aku? SO be jealous. LULZ okok. Sambung balik post gambar. Muhahahahahaha... tet tetetete*

So thats the end of everything for tonight. I have already posted random picture through out the months I went through. All I can say it, I learned lesson and I found new friends. I cant deny that there was time I stumble and I cried like a baby, but those thing made me stronger by day. I could not imagine myself for not having any trouble, it is sooooooooooo not going to be my life, Muahahahaha. God bless, thank you for the happiness and thank you for the joy.