This is my bitter loss story
Wounded & killed
Famished in the blood lust humanity
& let the soul to live in agony

Perihal ular belit belit

Ok I might label this as emo, angry or whatever negative shits that can be used for this entry. So here I am writing this with an aggravated feeling. Through what I had discovered what were happening all these while, I was dealing with people I can call TRAITOR.............

I think I pass in writing shit about you. You know why? Because you are clueless with words you are using. "Friends for benefits" benda paling lawak aku baca. Mungkin tu bukan refer dkt aku. Tapi what I remember kau tk pernah tolong apa apa. Sooo.. sudah-sudah-sudah lah nk label org tk pernah ada dgn kau. Kau pun layan org mcm hamba, pergi balik berjemput (YES aku mengungkit)

I know the year snake begun, but please jangan lah belit belit mcm ular. Kau belit sana belit sini. Ended up hidup dkt takak tu. Tak nampak lagi? Heh. Masalah manusia adalah



"I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you're everything I think I need here on the ground. But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go. The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down."

Eh apa dah jadi

So lately everyone is posting theirs recent vacation's pictures. As for that Burger Ramli, I had enough of her pictures sbb tiap tiap bulan  pun pergi melancong luar negara. As burger kan? Oh but take note of this, dia tk pakai duit bapak yg berlegar legar dlm otak awak. She earned it in hard way by working (EHHHH WHY ALL SUDDEN AKU NI) So never mind about her, So my plan screwed up by my mom, my biological mom.  After nearly a year of planning and saving things went bizarre and it aint happening at all (Mungkinlah) I am still trying to accept things positively because I believe my parents love me so much and all these years they have no idea that I went backpacking alone (Its not alone alone, my friends and I will meet at one specific place and then 'follow your heart') 

So that was the only reason why I was so reluctant telling them my plan back then. 

I cant set off some of my friends' perception for theirs thoughts of "oh anak org kaya boleh lah senang minta parents" I dont mind with that 'wise' judgement by not knowing who I really am and what am I doing. Tapi kan, aku dah bosan dgn some people yang cant stop whining and comparing. Hello, I know you are working but you are not the only who works over here? Hello hello? Takkan terus lahir umur 25 thn kerja and terus berduit? Hello hello hello? Come on, dont tell me that you are so stupid judging others based on the parents' wealth kan? Ke kau dengki sebenarnya? Ke kau bodoh sgt sebab terlampau create scene doom susah gila babi dlm kehidpan kau tu? 

Tidak apalah, blog ini. Just nk ckp stop whining, and stop judging others yg kau tak kenal. Actually kau tk bosan ke? They dont even bother about your existence, but you keep on concerning every bit they are doing? MY GOD, gile pathetic kau ni. Seriously move on, stop comparing, stop labeling, stop judging, stop whining. You are why?


PS - Kalau pakai duit mak bapak pun knp? Duit mak bapak, tak kacau duit mak bapak kau pun.  Lawak lawak lawak lawak. Jealous much? Open sikit otak 


"saya tak tau pun"

"awak apa tau? semua pun awak tak tau"

Dialog apa dkt atas tu? Rahsia.... lately life is so.. nothing. I cant be sure if it is the life or me. So, till we meet again. Haha. Dont you think Jack is adorable? He is loving, manja dan segala segala. He is my coolest pet ever after Sepit! Kalau pandai cari mata dia