While I was in the shower just now, the idea was pouring down! But now I am kinda blur where to start writing. THIS IS ABSURD! So what happened lately? What can I say is... sadly.. NOTHING. Mentally I am strong, physically.. I think I am sick. Yeah you know the SLE thingy but alah ada apahal kan? SLE je pun. Oh wait before I get myself to melancholic part, I would like to announce that I am official done with my studies! On the last day I finished my paper, my previous boss texted me whether I am free to help out with some audit job in Kedah. I am tired indeed but somehow I am delightful with the offer because I miss my job.. investigating, calculation, get crazy with figures and feeling snobbish if I cant get things right. Ehhh it doesnt sound so right kan? But who cares, that is who I am. (But I dont really get the opportunity to help tho, so I wasted most of my time in the room)

Before I go into deeper, can we please all pray for Dr Intan, who is a lecturer of mine. She was diagnosed with brain tumour for the past few weeks and this is sad because for me she is the coolest lecturer ever! (But I tell you what, failure rate in her hand was massive during the test! She is strict!) May  your prayer be with her and thank you.

So regardless of being sick, me as usual... I still do things I love. I love baking. Most of the time I bake with my sister, with my mom, with my niece and anyone that want to bake. I love to cook but I dont think that I LOVEEEE IT SOME MUCH because when the kitchen messed up, my mom just cant stop babbling (she is more like an annoying DJ in the radio, but I do love her you know) My plan about going back to KL was postponed since my dearly Mom got herself a fractured right hand, literary she is handicap now for at least 2 months. So here I am trying to be useful to her even though I am not.


You know what I mean, I am not saying that she is fussy or moody or grumpy. But my mom is a wonder woman. There is nothing in this world she cant do. So when it comes to me, ........ I dont think I am at her at all. So yeah.. not to belittle and to be harsh on myself, I will drop the issue (another escapism)

So last Decemeber as I remember on the 14/12/2012 we celebrated Jep's birthday 10 days in advance because I wanted to make it special. I get bored with the idea of fancy expensive present (I was broke too) so I decided to give an edible present but yet to be remembered. I hope so! Below was the CAKE, it came out with a Municipal Waste's logo on it and it was blueberry flavouring. Yeah I know that I am a sweetheart and creative (jgn puji banyak banyak) Hahaha. Ok Perah San sikit sahaja! 

Then what else? Oh I have cats, 2 of em. One is from KL, which/who ? Kaklong brought along during her last visit and now he is permanently staying over the country side (Kedah) cewah, macam aku duduk kampung pula kan? His name is BIG CAT (below) he weighted more than 3kg and he is BIG I tell you. This picture was taken using my 50mm so nampak lawa lawa sikit lah kan? Kamon puji lah sikit. I waited him to sleep like half an hour kot! 

So my another lil precious is Jack. No 50mm for him since he is so hyperactive I cant even get any shoot (to let you know that Im using manual focusing for me 50mm, due to the non expertise I barely catch up with that little rascal) So camera phone will do! Both of them were adopted... not from the shelter but Big Cat was found wondering around the neighbourhood as for Jack I took him from a friend of mine.

Sooo... I think that it. You know what. I am going to be active as possible in writing. Because I am bored of whining in the twitter, reading others shits (as if I dont do that kan) but twitter is... I dont know, but I dont like to be there like 24/7. Till we meet again virtually through my writing. Assalamualaikum and Good day all!  While waiting, I am going to kill my all day long in the room reading books and indulge good music. Yes. Be jealous! Lulz