Like really?

So everything I did in the past was been taken lightly. Im not screwed up, but I just sad. Super sad.

Done with deleting fucking posts about dearly him, deleted all the konon related relatives and friends of his and also I am totally formatting my life for a better way of life. I just need a man to rely on, a man that will be responsible with his actions, a man that respects a woman and handle her with care & understands what she feels. If everything was only a mistake and regret what left to be cherish then? So a man konon risau about me telling me this and that but he already left, leaving me half way. You are so fake! Apalah in the end of the conversation you have to tell that you are STILL CONCERN but actually you dont. Its like NEVER kot.

Its not like I am hysterically denial toward love, but now is the time to move on to someone new. Im not praying any Karma to pull you down into drain and suffocate you with all the shits. You are my dearly love and Im praying the best for you. 

PS - You dont tell a woman she was only a mistake and regret, after all. You the one who thought her to do this and that. BUTTT.. alah its still the woman's fault kan? What to do..... At least I came this far to show a fucking false effort to someone... entah... someone apa eh? I am not sure. Hatred much?