So you call yourself a punk?

Lately Malaysia encountering to many politic crisis. TOO many!

So I had this a sudden attack of comment from NOBODY, I dont know who he is. Like nobody je. I knew him like years so mcm tk heran pun sgt dgn dia, sbb ada benda2 lepas yg pernah terjadi. So he is judging my liberal opinion which I think it is right for me. So he was questioning my punk and hardcore ethic. 

Im asking you for real, banyak mana sgt kau adapt cara hidup punk dlm hidup kau? Ramai yang mulut-mulut banyak bunyi. OK you call yourself a punk.

1. Why are so dependent to the system then? Kenapa kerja dgn kerajaan? Mana punk kau. Come one lah, kau still nak duit. Kata punk, berhenti lah. Go against them, go against the system.
2. Aku pakai kereta, tp mana economic class ke kau? Kalau kau beli stuff pun beratus dan branded sana sini & you own your fucking vehicles, NON CONFORMITY, where the hell is that?
3. If you are so concern about the social injustice kenapa in early bila benda ni happening world wide kau tk pernah kisah? Jujur ckp dlm hati kau, benda ni jadi lama dkt dunia 3rd world country, have you ever care? have you ever contribute? Ada korang keluar beberapa ratus even sikit? Kau tk pernah kisah society kau kisah diri kau je kan. YES or NO.

3 questions, do answer each of it. If you can be liberal with any pieces of your mind, why cant I? NEVER ever admitted myself a PUNK/HARDCORE I dont make any self acknowledgement. NEVER. I dont have to AGREE with your whole bunch of ideology because I want to be accepted or to fit in.  Kau yang ckp banyak then attack personal question in the end, cermin diri kau dulu. Selama ni kau pernah respect org ke? Especially me, apa kau dah buat dulu dlm life kau? Hahhh.

Aku tk perlu nk bangga diri aku dgn posting mcm mcm dkt fb, at least aku belajar dunia ini dari org tua aku, dari life time experience aku travel, dgn sakit yg Tuhan bagi. Korang pernah rasa sakit dunia? Tk pernah kan? So much dependent dkt bf, friends, clan kau.

PS - Tell your friends yg ada same thoughts of mine to stop going to gigs or etc.