When feelings fade

So here I am writing shits for the past few weeks of absent. Whatever happened for the past few weeks were a mixture of feeling and some how it contradicted with what I want myself to be.

Everything was so cool till I felt myself has been used, yes by someone near. How do you react when your someone close talked shit behind your back? and when you need some just to listen no to talk any, she/he the one that you BELIEVED somehow told others about it? How do you react? Yes I had to deal with these shits. But na-ah.. feeling fades. Somehow I should be thanking them for such hatred. No more forgive and not to forget, in my case. Im going to forget everything but Im not going to forgive.

OHHH another bad luck was, sent my laptop to be fixed and..... it turned out to be super malfunctioning. Yiks! Sooooooooooo money down the drain. Defuq with all that. Aku dh MAU pkiaq dan tak kisah, So Im posting pictures of foodsss at my lepak place. Kindaa expensive but yummmyyy ! :B *droooollsss* Location : Castle, Kg Baru.

Mix grilled, RM24 per plate

The rotation thingy is not working, but this is RM6 per bottle!