I am racist

Semasa di MCA kindergarten

Farewell party aku di Melaka sempena nk pindah Kedah

Birthday celebration di rumah aku

Selepas 13 thn kami masih disini.......

I have friends that came all the way from Melaka just to accompany me breaking fast during Ramadhan. I have friends to visit during Chinese New Year, Deepavali & Xmas. I have friends that understand how I am "berkedut and cair melebur" when I am exposed to the sunlight. These people are friends, I dont care losing the one I know for years but made no significant in my life, but these people.. they did and do so! Regardless the races, if you are reluctant to change. No one can help you. So please stop provoking. The mainstream media was dumb giving such racial statement, but can you get any dumber with actually trying to prove that you are not racist with words and split more oil to let it burn? What I am asking is now, please stop the provocation, stop giving statement, stop reminding the hatred. I love my friends........  

We own the prejudice, dont deny it. But we are living harmony now. LET IT BE and do cherish it! I am a racist? NOT, heks!