Hello life!

By the time I got the time to write, my head goes empty. I cant think of any what to write.

So I hope it is not too late for me wishing Happy Ramadhan to all, semua semua umat Islam & Malaysia. By far, I have nothing to post because through out the road trip I did not snap any picture. So the blog going to be a lame and wordy and boring. So what happened between these 2 months, after the election, the graduation, the work, the resignation, the interview & lastly the DIY project.

Skip the election part, obviously during that time so many people were spreading lies, pointing, arguing and sorry to be said that, some took that extremely and it managed to break a friendship. Congratulations! So lets jump to the Graduation part. So I graduated. Yay for me! YAYYY. Ok semua ini poyo. The graduation day was actually nothing for me, except for my parents. They were beyond excited for occasion (I dont know why, they went to gazillion graduations already since I am the last 1 out of 6) But one thing that made my graduation worth priceless was, when all friends gathered to accept the wrongdoings we did back then. It made my day just to hug them, talked and even laughed. 5 years and a half, it wasnt that bad. It took like 5 minutes to confess and the next minute you were at the spot when you and your friends used to be. Seriously I miss studying already. Actually I miss them, not the studying thingy. Obviously lah kan....

Course mates, Flowers & Bear, Syuddy and I

Indeed, I love red <3>

Two days after the graduation if I am not mistaken, I was offered to work as an Administrative cum accountant position somewhere in Damansara Perdana (Curve/Ikea yeah somewhere there) I accepted the job offer, ........................... the job was okay. But in the end of the day I found no satisfaction factor and I decided to quit. Yeah just like that. Life aku ni tkder complicated mana when come to decision making. Cuma complicated bila duit habis! Hahaha. So come one take things easy, tk suka berhenti. Rezeki ada dekat mana mana shj. So there you go, the work and resignation part. EASYYY yah.

So after the resignation I went for a jalan jalan plan. No where far, still in Malaysia due to the money limitation.................................... So where did I go.... I went to Temerloh pahang for Marjinal in action and Ikan Paten masak Tempoyak. Ohhhh. By that I should be thanking Lan again and again for the hospitality (giving us) the place to stay overnight. So again I have no pictures of the event since I was too scared to be squeezed again. It wasnt about me, but the camera. A broken lens will cost my soul ;/ After all the HUHA HUHA moment, back to Kedah. Lepak baling... for nothing and then here I am now in Jitra. Yes! So the road trip ended pretty well & fun

Rotgut in action (did I spell it right? XD)

I decided to stick with my old plan. Bakery and stuff, while waiting for the 5th Interview of THAT COMPANY. No lie, no joke I feel tortured to wait the uncertainty. So while torturing myself, why not I do some baking and make money. So here I am now in Jitra, doing back my DIY stuff. Made an official page already named Sugar Sinner. The logo idea is from me XD but the design made by Omegadigi Photomixer they offer design, pictures, fantasize package for wedding, event and etc. Had my logo printed at iAprint do check them too. So the DIY project of Sugar Sinner begins! Thats all from me, the caca merba is everywhere but who cares kan. Hiks

Harini tulis happy esok tulis me. It is so ME! Oh btw boleh click nama page tu utk visit page mereka!